Chunky Chalk 400g

Coarse-grained chalk for use on the inside of the hand. Provides dry hands for a better grip. Ideal for climbing and bouldering.

Water resistant

Splash-proof packaging


Easy to open and reliable seal

Chunky Chalk

100% magnesium carbonat

Made in bavaria


Product features

Filling quantity 400g
Material 100% chunky magnesium carbonat
Packing The magnesium comes in a food-safe and reclosable packaging. The fixed zip closure prevents chalk from escaping. The waterproof packing is delivered welded.
Retail price 8,99 €
EAN 4260489520086
Brand Secoroco
Chunky chalk

Coarse-grained magnesium for climbing

The coarse-grained magnesium provides excellent grip on the rock. The Secoroco Chunky Chalk comes in best quality and ensures the absorption of moisture. The magnesium is free of any additives and consists of 100% magnesium carbonate. The Chalk is suitable for beginners as well as professionals.

The magnesium comes in a mixture of coarse powder and magnesium pieces. Small to medium chalk chunks can be crushed directly in the hand and are also suitable to mark poorly visible handles in the boulder hall.

Coarse-grained or fine chalk

Most climbers prefer the rough version of magnesium. Especially when more chalk is needed. On the other hand there are also climbers, who prefer a very thin film chalk on the fingers.

If you do not know which is the best chalk for you, try our chalk tasting set.

Do you want to refill your chalk ball with the chalk? Then we recommend our fines powdered Chalk.

Set of 200g powdered and 200g chunky chalk

High quality packaging for your chunky chalk

Our Secoroco Chunky Chalk comes in a food-safe packaging with zip closure. Even after the sealed package is opened, you can easily lock your magnesium bag. The bag is also suitable for the direct extraction of chalk - particularly practical in the bouldering hall.

The coated pouch and tight-fitting closure protect your chalk from moisture. Even if the bag falls into a puddle or you get into the rain, your magnesium remains dry. You can carry the bag without problems in the backpack without fear of pollution.