Liquid Chalk 250ml

Large bottle of liquid magnesium carbonate for climbing, bouldering, body building and poledance. Provides better grip.

Easy to open one-handed

Also during climbing

Water resistant

Splash-proof packaging

Keeps hands dry for longer

Ideal in combination with normal chalk

Dries extremely moist hands

For sweaty hands or DWS

Product features

Filling quantity 250 ml
Bottle height 13 cm
Diameter 4,2 cm
Ingredients Bioethanol (alcohol), kolophomium, magnesium carbonates, thickeners, PDMS, flavors
Retail price 10,99 €
EAN 4260489520079
Brand Secoroco

Alternative for powdered chalk

Chalk powder is forbidden because of the high dust load in many fitness studios. Also some climbing halls do not allow magnesium carbonate from bags. The Secoroco Liquid Chalk is an ideal alternative. With just a few drops of the liquid magnesium carbonate, the hands can be dried quickly and a thin layer of chalk is applied. It is almost no Chalk dust generated and thus you do not have to inhalate Chalk particles.

The Liquid Chalk is suitable for climbing, bouldering, power sports, poledance and biking - for all sports that require a lot of grip and slip resistance.

Usage of liquid chalk

Rub a small drop of the liquid chalk in your hands. Wait a few seconds til the liquid evaporates and leaving a very thin layer of chalk on the skin. The liquid magnesia removes the moisture from the skin, making the skin harder and thus increasing the friction on the rock.

After training or climbing simply wash with soap and water.

Expert advice

Frequently asked questions

Is the Liquid Chalk also suitable for Poledance?

The Secoroco Liquid Chalk is excellent for poledance.
Also bodybuilders, who train on pull-up bars and dumbbells, use our liquid satisfied.