Fascia Massageball Set

For self-massage of muscles and fascia, 100% food grade silicone.

Gift ready package

Simple design makes a perfect gift


The best materials provide a neutral smell

Baby ready - biting no problem!

The little ones love these colors and shapes

Food safe

Not harmful to health

Certified packaging

Paper from responsible sources

Product features

Packaging The training balls are delivered in a certified paper packaging from sustainable resources.
Material 100% food graduated silicon
Diameter single 5,9 cm
Diameter peanut 5,7 cm per ball
Length peanut 11,6 cm
Diameter packaging 60 x 60 x 180 cm
Retail price 12,99 €
EAN 4260489520352
Brand Secoroco
Secoroco Single and Peanut Fascia Balls

»Single« and »Peanut« Massageball in a set of 100% food grade silicone for the selective treatment of your fascia.

Ideal for training and releasing tension on the back, spine, legs, arms, feet and buttocks.

Bonded or hardened fasces are the cause of many complaints, they restrict the mobility of the affected muscle fibers and can squeeze the nerves and lead to severe pain.

Training for performance enhancement and pain relief with fascial balls

The targeted training with the Secoroco fascia balls can help you make your daily life easier, but also relieve tension and pain, but also improve your performance in sports. By training with the massage balls, you can increase the performance of your muscles, regain traction and flexibility, and regenerate your muscles faster after exertions.

The resistant and odorless material of the Secoroco massage balls has an optimal degree of hardness for beginners and advanced. The slightly elastic balls have a diameter of approx. 7cm and are thus ideally suited to treat your tensions at the back, spine, legs, arms, feet and buttocks.

To release your muscle tension, lie relaxed on the floor. Place one of the two massage balls under the area to be massaged. Move your body gently back and forth. If your fascia is too sticky or massaging is too painful, you can perform the exercise while standing. Look for a smooth surface, such as a wall or door. Now lean against the surface with the massage ball and press your body with slow movements onto the ball. This way you can control the power yourself and slowly release your fascia.

The Secoroco facia balls are made of easy-to-wash silicone and can be cleaned easily under water after training.

Secoroco Single and Peanut Ball with Packaging