Yoga block made of 100% natural cork

For stabilizing, intensifying and supporting your Yoga and Pilates exercises. Facilitates the learning of new figures.

Certified packaging

Paper from responsible sources



The material is inherently germicidal



100% natural materials

Skin friendly

Skin friendly

Pleasant and gentle on the skin

Product features

Dimensions approx. 7 x 14,5 x 22 cm
Retail price 14,99 ‚ā¨
EAN 4260489520345
Brand Secoroco

The rounded corners protect against injuries. Due to the natural material, the skin-friendly yoga block is breathable and non-slip even in high humidity.

The use of Secoroco yoga blocks

Yoga blocks are used by beginners to professionals. With their help you can make your yoga figures more challenging or easier.

Yoga blocks can be a great help for beginners. Especially at the beginning when the mobility is still restricted, the block can support the exercises. It is often used, for example, to increase the seating area in the tailoring seat, or to bring the floor a little closer to the ground when twisting and stretching. So you can use the yoga block to increase your flexibility slowly and step by step towards new asanas. Due to the different side lengths, you can influence the degree of support.

The yoga block is used especially for figures, which are kept particularly long. It allows you to intensify your asanas by increasing the distance and strengthening the stretching.

Why yoga blocks made of cork?

Cork has a low density and consists of a large number of cells, which naturally has a pleasant and comfortable temperature. Due to its elasticity and grip, the block can be used well during exercises. The yoga block is also non-slip when it comes to sweaty yoga sessions. Its natural haptics feels good on the skin.

The cells are closed and do not allow dust or dirt to enter. This makes the cork block skin-friendly and antibacterial and is therefore particularly interesting for allergy sufferers.

Cork is extremely durable and abrasion resistant. It is insensitive to water and can be easily cleaned.

Cork is a natural, renewable raw material and completely recyclable. Only a small amount of waste is produced. The Secoroco logo was burnt into the block, eliminating the need for additional colors or fabrics.

And, last but not least, cork is a beautiful material and an eye-catcher for every nature lover.