Training- and yoga mat made of cork and rubber

Environmentally friendly anti-allergy mat made of 100% natural materials in natural cork design. Including natural linen yoga bag.

No extra packaging waste

Reduced packaging waste

Product is delivered only in the shipping carton



The material is inherently germicidal



100% natural materials

Skin friendly

Skin friendly

Pleasant and gentle on the skin

Product features

Dimensions 183 x 61 cm
Thickness 3 mm
Weight yoga mat 2130 g
Weight tube bag 163 g
Retail price 49,99 ‚ā¨
EAN 4260489520338
Brand Secoroco

The yoga cork mat's field of use

The training mat is ideal for all types of yoga. Cork is breathable, water-repellent and non-slip even with moisture. Therefore, the training mat is especially suitable for active and perspiring yoga types such as Asthanga, Bikram, Hot Yoga and Vinyasa Yoga. But also pilates, aerobics and other sports on mats benefit from the characteristics of natural materials.

Our Secoroco cork mats are very elastic and easy to roll. This makes them an ideal travel companion. The mat is insensitive to oleic acid, which is contained, for example, in suncreams.

Since cork dries quickly, the sports mat is also suitable for taking to the gym or the Yogastunde.

Yoga mat materials

Materials of the Yogamatte

For the production of yoga and training mats particularly healthy and sustainable materials were important to Secoroco. So we decided to make a mix of cork and rubber and completely not use PVC, TPE and other non-natural materials. Our pollutant-free (SGS certified) Yoga mat is made of 100% natural materials and is therefore biodegradable.

The lower layer is made of 100% natural rubber and also ensures a firm hold on smooth ground. The upper layer is made of 100% cork from the cork oak.

Skin compatibility of the yoga mat

Cork is antibacterial and antiallergic. In addition, the training mat is antistatic and thus does not attract any dust. Free of artificial and harmful substances, our yoga mat is the optimal training device for all allergy sufferers and athletes with sensitive skin.


Yoga carry bag in individual design

For all Secoroco yogamats, the package is replaced by a handy carrying bag. The bag not only reduces unnecessary waste, but also consists of 100% environmentally friendly linen.

Cleaning and care of the yoga mat

Cork is an easy-to-clean material - cork is even self-cleaning to a certain extent. The Secoroco mats are antibacterial and antistatic.

For a more thorough cleaning, we recommend to rinse the mat briefly under the shower and then spread to dry. In no case the training mat should in the dryer!

Occasional spraying of essential oils prolongs the life of the mat.