Slackline Set ZigZag, 35 meter

Slackline Set with tree protection, ratchet protection, drawstring bag, guide and 5cm wide line in individual design.

No extra packaging waste

Reduced packaging waste

Product is delivered only in the shipping carton

Tree protector

Incl. 2 x tree protector included

Simple to attach

Inclusive drawsting bag

Incl. draw string bag

Made from 100% linen

Instruction manual

Incl. instruction manual

Contains detailed instructions

Slackline Load

Max. stress load

4T / 40kN


High elasticity



Made from ecological colors

Non-staining and non-toxic

Product features

Content 1 x slackline, 1 x ratchet with line, 2 x tree protector, 1 x ratchet guard, 1 x guide, 1 x drawstring bag
Length line 32,5 meter
Length ratchet line 2,5 meter
Width line 5 cm
Max. stress load 4 T / 40 kN
Min. anchor strength 2,5 T / 25 kN
Elasticity 13%
Material slackline Recyclable polyester
Material tree protector Polypropylene fiber
Material draw string bag 100% Linen
Set weight 4539 g
Retail price 74,99 €
EAN 4260489520178
Brand Secoroco


The slackline is made of a special, water-repellent, highly elastic and recyclable fabric. Its unique design has been realized with 5 ecological and skin-friendly colors.

Our Secoroco slacklines are available in three different patterns and in three different lengths.

With a width of 5cm and its high-quality processing, the Slackline is ideal for beginners, advanced and professionals. As Allround Slackline you can use it for short to medium distances. With its elasticity of 13% it is also suitable for jumps and tricks. The trickline has a pleasantly soft feel.

Secoroco slackline designs
Slackline ratchet


The ratchet is ergonomically shaped and secures your slackline with a double tooth ring. The loop on the strap of the ratchet is professionally sewn as with its counterpart. An easy-to-attach ratchet protector protects your toes and ratchet from water and dirt.

Tree protector

To prevent damage on trees and on the slackline, two tree guards are available in the set.

With the Velcro closure, the tree guard is easy to attach. Four loops on each protector simplify fixing the slackline.

Slackline tree protector set
Drawstring Bag Striving

Slackline bag in individual design

For all Secoroco Slacklines the packaging is replaced by a practical carrying bag. The carrying bag not only reduce waste, but also consists of 100% environmentally friendly linen. With the thick tape of the drawstring bag, you can transport the slackline comfortably short to medium distances. For further routes we recommend you however a backpack.


The enclosed operating instructions contain detailed information on the correct installation and use of the slackline. For your own protection and to avoid misuse, please read this carefully before using it for the first time.

Slackline Guide


It is best to clean the slackline in the shower or bath under lukewarm water. Knead them thoroughly without detergent. For drying simply spread or hang the slackline - ideally not in the blazing sun.

For very heavy dirt, you can clean the slackline at 30 ° in the washing machine. Put the line in a fabric bag to prevent the long tape from getting stuck in your washing machine. Then unravel and dry.

Slackline as a training device

Slacklining is ideal for training your concentration, balance and coordination. These skills and their interaction - the sensomotor system, are also necessary in other sports such as climbing, bouldering, yoga, snow sports and many more.

Slacklining is suitable as balancing sport, balance and rehabilitation training. The best part is, it's a lot of fun!

Frequently asked questions

What is the minimum size of trees for a slackline?

A tree should have a circumference of at least one meter. This means a diameter of more than 30cm (standard ruler width).
Please always pay attention to the health of the tree. Do not rotten or use sick trees. Always use the enclosed tree protection to protect the trees!

Can I use a 35 meter slackline for a shorter distance? What are the disadvantages?

You can also use long slacklines for shorter distances without any problems.
The disadvantages are the higher weight. The slackline must also be rewound. Of course this takes longer with a 35 meter slackline than with a 15 meter slackline.

When should I clean my slackline?

You should clean your slackline when it comes into contact with salt water or sand. The crystals of salt and sand can act on the fabric of the slackline like sandpaper. Easy to clean in lukewarm water.