Forearm trainer heavy and extreme

Set of two, 100% food grade silicone training rings. Contains the trainer heavy and extreme.

Gift ready package

Simple design makes a perfect gift


The best materials provide a neutral smell

Baby ready - biting no problem!

The little ones love these colors and shapes

Food safe

Not harmful to health

Certified packaging

Paper from responsible sources

Product features

Material 100% food graduated silicon
Outer diameter 8,5 cm each trainer
Inner diameter 4,5 cm each trainer
Diameter packaging 9 x 9 x 9 cm
Packaging The hand trainer is delivered in a certified paper packaging from sustainable resources.
Content Contains the Secoroco training rings Heavy and Extreme
Retail price 14,99 €
EAN 4260489520246
Brand Secoroco
Hand Trainer Set Package with Rings

Hand trainer in sets and single

Ideal for training the forearm and finger muscles to increase your strength and stamina. Available in four different sizes and in various sets.

Hand muscle trainer in different degrees of hardness

Light, 15kg

The entry-level model for the training of the fingers and forearm musculature. For already trained hands, this hand trainer is ideal for training the endurance. The training of individual fingers is possible.

Medium, 20kg

Reliable, constant muscle build-up. Increasing increase of your stamina.

Heavy, 25kg

For controlled strength / muscle build-up. Preparation also for the most difficult pinch handles.

Extreme, 30kg

For the ambitious power training. Increased muscle build-up. Effective training with a few repetitions.

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