Environmentally friendly products

How we produce sustainably and resource-sparingly

We prefer to be outdoors climbing, bouldering, slacklining, walking in the forest or in the mountains. We enjoy every moment outside, the fresh air, the sea. In short, we love nature! Nature makes us happy.

Therefore and especially because we as a manufacturer of sports and outdoor articles have a great relationship to nature, environmental protection is particularly important to us! We take a lot of time in the selection of our suppliers, the origin of our materials and the design of our products.

Environmentally friendly product packaging

All our paper packaging is certified and the necessary material come from responsible sources. We also use only certified cardboard boxes for shipping.

If possible or reasonable, we completely dispense with product packaging that has no further use and is thrown away. For example, we pack our slacklines and yoga mats in environmentally friendly natural linen carrier bags.

The production

Our most important goal are long-lasting, high-quality and environmentally friendly products. The material, up to the choice of colour on our products, is always a central theme. Conscientious handling of packaging, waste and its disposal is a matter of course. To avoid unnecessary waste, packaging is used several times.

Recycled or recyclable materials

Our instructions, advertising materials and business cards are produced exclusively on recycled paper and are CO2-neutral.

If the product does not allow natural materials for stability or safety, we avoid mixtures of substances. This makes recycling easy.

Products made of natural materials

Wherever possible, we use materials that have a low impact on nature and the environment. This means for us to avoid plastic and toxic substances for the environment as much as possible.