Set up your slackline

How to handle a slackline

Here you will find instructions on how to set up your slackline properly and without frustration. Beginners will also find tips on how to get started with the right set up.

Please always make sure that the slackline and its accessories are to be operated according to the manual.


Pack everything you need. To slackline you need a slackline, ratchet, tree protectors and optional a ratchet protector.

We have slackline sets in beautiful patterns with everything you need for Slacklining.

Pack your shoes, something to drink, your friends and go.

Slackline complete set
Set up tree protector

Fixing the slackline tree protector

Usually you attach a slackline to a tree. Please be sure that the tree can withstand the enormous pulling power of the slackline. The minimum size of the tree should not be less than one meter!

To avoid damage to the tree, you should definitely use a slackline tree protection! A tree protector is usually a kind of carpet, which can be wrapped around the tree and fixed with a Velcro fastener.

The better tree protectors have additional loops to fix the slackline.

First, wrap the tree protector around the trees at a height of approx. 40 to 50 cm and fix it with the help of the Velcro fastener.

Fixing the ratchet and line

Fix the ratchet strap with ratchet as well as the strap (without ratchet) on opposite trees as follows. The ribbon is laid flat around the tree and the ratchet threaded through the loop of the tree protector until a noose forms on the tree trunk.

Make sure the tape is straight and not twisted. The tree protection is fixed between ribbon and tree trunk. Make sure the ratchet lever is facing the ground and the line is facing horizontally.

Set up slackline ratchet
Tension the slackline

Combination of line and ratchet

First, the ratchet must be unlocked. For this purpose, the small lever on the inside of the ratchet is tightened. Then the big lever on the ratchet is opened to thread the slackline band.

The slackline band is threaded through the ratchet until it does not sag. Now you should take both lines in one hand and make sure that both are aligned parallel and straight to each other. With the other hand you operate the lever and pull the slackline.

Close the ratchet

When the slackline has reached its desired tension, the lever of the ratchet is brought into a horizontal and parallel position to the belt. Now you must make absolutely sure that the bolt is properly engaged.

Secure slackline ratchet
Set up slackline ratchet cover

Attachment of the ratchet protector

Once the slackline has reached its desired tension and the lever of the ratchet has been properly closed, the ratchet protector can be attached. This is wrapped around the ratchet and locked.

Use of slackline

Take your time to familiarize yourself with the slackline. In the beginning you should practice standing on one leg and balancing properly before you make your first steps on the band. If you lose your balance, you should not jump off, but kneel and descend carefully.

When standing on one leg, the knees should be slightly bent, the upper body straight and the eyes facing forward. You use the arms to balance and are held slightly angled above the head. If you feel safe and have a sense of balance, you can dare to walk on the slackline. The best thing to do while walking is not looking at the floor or the tape, but at the anchor point of your slackline. Try to balance yourself on one leg after each step.

Unlock slackline

Remove the slackline

In order to open the ratchet, the safety lever must first be tightened. Then the big lever is pressed towards the ground until the line is released.

How far should i set up my slackline?

The ideal distance for beginners is about 5 meters. If you set up your slackline further, it gets shakier and the line vibrates more. Do it shorter, the vibration is weaker but faster - so it does not feel like slacklining.

When you get better, there is no limit to how far you can stretch the slackline.

What is the right tension of my slackline?

The more you tighten your slackline, the easier it will be to do your first steps. But do not clamp it so tight that it feels like you're walking on a tightrope.

Set up your slackline 5 meters long in a height of 40cm, stand in the middle of the slackline. If you sink to 20 cm, you have a tension that is suitable for a beginner.

Experiment with the tension of your slackline

If you can safely walk over your slackline, it's time to experiment with the tension of your slackline. You can not only stretch the tape close to the ground, but also loosely high up. Nevertheless, you are almost at ground level with your feet.

Reduce tension as a preparation for longlining

The more slack you set up your slackline, the slower and more reduced the vibrations and feedback of the slackline. Basically, you can simulate a very long slackline (longline). So you can train the much slower control and corrective movements and prepare yourself for longlining.