Presents for climbers and boulderers

Tips for the right gift

Give away activities

Climbers and boulderers are active, like to move and love the challenge. Therefore, a good gift is always to invite the recipient to an activity.

This can be everything: climbing, high ropes course, trampoline park, excursions, etc. In many climbing gyms, you can also buy coupons and things like 10-entry tickets.

You probably will not find a climber who does not like to hike and drink a beer on top of a mountain. Depending on the tour also unathletic friends can join you.

Of course these are gifts for which you need some kind of coupon and can not really hand over the gift yourself.

Consumables for climbers and boulderers

Give away consumables for climbers and boulderers

Every climber and boulderer needs it: Magnesia, Chalk Balls, Liquid Chalk or Chalk Blocks. These are products that keep the climbers hands dry.

Often, our refillable Chalk Ball is ordered along with the fine-grained magnesia "Chalk Powder". The powdery chalk is very good for refilling the ball.

The liquid magnesia variant Liquid Chalk is not yet as widespread as the dry form. Every boulderer should try it out. The liquid dries the skin stronger than the powder and thus provides more friction and hold on the rock.

Gifts for sports that improve climbing

Ideal for climbers are sports that improve the balance. Slacklining is not only popular with climbers. Slacklining is outdoor fun in nature with your friends. The Scoroco Slacklines with patterns are suitable for beginners and professionals and are available in different lengths.

Another sport that improves balance and body tension is yoga. Yoga exercises also improve the ability to move and rotate, which is often limited in boulderers. You can start right away with a yoga mat. In our shop you find an eco-friendly yoga mat made of natural cork and rubber, which is also suitable for allergy sufferers.

Other sports

Training equipment

Climbers and boulderers always strive to maintain and improve their strength and stamina. For daily training there are pull-up bars, training boards and balance boards. But remember that the climber needs space for it.

Small space-saving gifts are hand and finger trainers. With these, the climber can increase the strength and endurance of his fingers and forearms everywhere - these are particularly stressed during climbing.